Carribean Fruit Punch

Adam & I went on our honeymoon two years ago to St. John at the Caneel Bay Resort. It was so amazing! It was the perfect carribean location…no shoes, no shirt, no problems, as Kenny Chesney would say (he does have a home there!). Cool ocean breeze, crystal clear blue water, food of royalty, and not a care in the world. Everywhere on the resort they served this amazing fruit punch (well, they served rum punch and since we don’t drink, we got the fruit punch version-haha!). It was so delicious, we couldn’t get enough of it! So, on our last day we finally asked what was in it. Our server said, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine. That’s it! So as soon as we got home, I set out to recreate it. It’s super easy. All our friends always say, what’s in this, it’s so good! Everytime we make it, it takes me right back on the beach at Caneel Bay…oh how I long to go back there someday soon!

Caneel Bay Fruit Punch

1-64 oz. carton of pineapple orange juice to half a container (6 oz.) of Rose’s Grenadine.
I would suggest that you add a little grenadine at a time and mix according to your taste.
Double or Triple for more people (2 cartons to an entire container grenadine).
I doubled it recently and had enough for about 12 people.

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  1. Oh I hope yo can submit this to the Carribbean/Tropical recipes blogging event I’m hosting! The deadline is midnight tonight and your post would be perfect! You can read the details on my blog’s left side bar or through this link:

  2. My family and I vacationed for a few years on St. John at Maho Bay. I LOVE St. John.

  3. First of all – I LOVE your kitchen! (I can see just enough of it to tell its absolutely gorgeous!)
    And the punch….it looks and sounds fantastic!!! I love all things fruity and Caribbean-y! 😉

    -Amy @

  4. That looks SOOOO wonderful! I may just have to try this for our carribean dinner on Friday! 🙂

  5. Hi

    What else is in that punch? What are those colored things in it.

  6. Thanks so much for the punch recipe! Made this last night when i needed a non-carbonated drink to take to a friend’s for dinner. everyone loved it! huge hit with me and the husband.