Rave: Cabana Restaurant in Nashville

This past weekend Adam & I spent the night in Nashville. I used to work and live there, but it was when we were engaged and he was living in a different city, so I didn’t stay there on the weekends. Because I went home a lot, I didn’t get to experience a lot of the non-chain dining establishments that Nashville has to offer. So, I went out searching thenest.com and yelp.com to find reviews on Nashville restaurants. Cabana came highly recommended, so we decided to try it. It had a great, diverse menu and a casual and fun atmosphere. It was SO good! I would recommend it to anyone. It had a great, open eating area, and the food had a casual elegance. They take typical southern food and dress it up with fun inventive combonations and elegant presentations. The dress was also casual, which was fun.
We started out with their famed sweet potato biscuit sliders with fried chicken and homemade peach preserves. Delicious!

Then, I ordered the Margharita Pizza. The ingredients were so fresh, and went perfectly with the thin crust. I can’t wait to try my own version at home.

Adam ordered one of the specials-seafood pasta with a pesto sauce. It was great as well! It was a nice light compliment to the pizza (we shared both dishes-and no I did not eat all of that pizza!)

Then for dessert, we had their popular trio of fried pies. One is chocolate, one apple, and one peach. It was the perfect amount of dessert after all of our indulgences. The crust was buttery and the filling so fresh!

If you are in Nashville, in the Hillsboro village area you have got to try this place! It’s just up from the Pancake Pantry.

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  1. Cabana's one of my FAVORITES! I'm glad you liked it! I've been there SO many times, I've ate at least 2/3 of their menu, and I often order off the chef's special menu as well! You ordered some of my favorite dishes!

    If you liked Cabana, try Rumba next time, on West End. It's similar in the sense that it has lots of "small plates", but it has this "equatorial" vibe. There's lots of latin & caribbean influenced food.

    In fact… check out http://www.nashvilleoriginals.com/ it's a GREAT place to find non-chain dining in Nashville! Some of my faves are Cabana, Mirror, Rumba, Fido… Ahh I could go on & on! They do gift certificate sales every quarter (like a $50 gift certificate for $35), they sale out fast, but are a really great deal.

    Oh, PS. I saw your blog on the Nest's WC board! I rarely post, but often go there to check out the blogs! 🙂

  2. Ahhh! I totally recognize you!!! I know who you are! You got married while I was interning here I think! You were friends with Shaunda, right? You may not remember me (it’s hard to remember all those interns isn’t it!? haha). I interned summer of 2004, and I’ve been here ever since! It’s nice seeing you doing well! 🙂

    PS. The reason I never post on the WC (or any of the nest boards) is b/c I’m not married! haha… I am a food blog addict, and I stumbled across that site once, and I keep going back a couple times a week because it’s a great place to check out food blogs! Your blog is great! I’ve just started mine, and have a hard time getting around to posting, but I hope it gets better. I actually have only told like 3 I know about it.

  3. I love Cabana! These biscuits that you got as an appetizer are my favorites! I’m glad you had a good time there! The next time you go you should try Sunset Grill that’s across the street. The nachos on their late night menu are so so good!