Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Last year my mom had some great ideas for decor for Thanksgiving. The first were these homemade place cards. You just fingerpaint with your thumb in layers beginning with the yellow at the bottom. Let dry, then do the orange, let dry and do the red. After the red dries, do a brown in the middle and let set. Glue on eyes and with a thin brush draw on the beak and legs. This was really fun to do and took no time at all!

The next idea she had was this cranberry orange centerpiece. You simply place a candle down in a vase, place oranges around the insides of the vase and fill with cranberries. Add water until cranberries reach desired height in vase.
We also had a Giving Thanks Tree. We filled a glass jar with marbles and placed branches inside. On leaf shaped paper everyone wrote what they were thankful for and hung it on the tree. After dinner we took them off and read them aloud.

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  1. i love it steph! you’re so creative…like the next martha stewart 😉 i might steal your ideas.

  2. Great ideas! So fun!!

  3. I really like the Thanksgiving tree! Even better that you read the sayings aloud!

  4. I love the name cards! So cute!

  5. Wow! You have a really Creative Mom!!
    Such a great Blog, I really enjoy it! BB 🙂

  6. Oh wow! I love ALL of these ideas!!! 🙂 I think I may steal the give thanks tree one! 😉

  7. I like the cranberry centerpiece!!