Thanksgiving Menu

I have been busily prepping for my first go at hosting Thanksgiving. I will be having 8 guests plus Adam & I for Thankgiving Dinner on Wednesday night of next week. Thanks to Katie at Hyper Homemaker, I am all organized and on my way to a successful Thanksgiving meal. I have planned my menu and done my timeline, now all I have to do is begin to start putting it into action. I thought I would post my menu just to see what you all thought. I’m not having many appetizers since I plan on having the meal ready when everyone arrives at 6:00 p.m. and because I have several desserts:) Also, my mom and mother-in-law are bringing some of these dishes.

Cream Cheese Ball with Crackers

Chicken & Dressing
Sweet Potato Casserole with praline topping
Pan Gravy
Buttermilk Biscuits with Pumpkin Butter
Devilled Eggs
Ice Cream for Topping
Hot Apple Cider

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  1. Wow, you are going all out! your menu looks fantastic!

  2. That looks delish!!! Can I come over?

  3. This looks great- I might steal some of your ideas! 🙂

  4. By the way can you post your pumkin butter and cranberry sauce recipes?

  5. Oooh this looks great! Have a happy thanksgiving!

  6. sounds great! i’m sure you’ll do wonderful 🙂

  7. great job! I’m lucky I don’t have to host Thanksgiving this year, but Christmas is another story!

  8. Thank you all:) I'm glad you think it looks good!
    Beri-I'm going to be posting both of these early next week, but here are the links to where I found them. the pumpkin butter recipe is from
    The cranberry sauce is from

  9. Aww, Stephanie! Thanks for the shout out, you are too sweet! I’m so glad you have it all ready. Doesn’t it feel so much better? I LOOOVe your menu. Well rounded and all delicious! I’d die for a biscuit with pumpkin butter right now! haha. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Katie-Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it:)

  11. That is a lot of food! Please put pics up afterward…I want to see some of these dishes!