SEC Championship & College Gameday

We got the amazing opportunity to go to the SEC Championship this past weekend through Adam’s work. Adam is a HUGE Alabama fan and I really like them too (when they aren’t playing Tennessee) so we were super excited. We had such a great time!!

We went down the day before and did some Christmas shopping and also so we could get up early the next morning and go to College Gameday. We both love watching it each week to see who Kirk, Lee, & Chris are going to pick. It was such a blast. We were on TV at the very beginning of Sportscenter and we were also on toward the end of College Gameday when Desmond picked Alabama. So cool! My boss called and told me he saw me and he even paused it on his DVR to make sure!

The Lord showed us so much favor and we got there right in time to get on the fence, so not only were we on TV, but we were able to see the guys on the set the entire time without a bunch of people standing in front of us. Everyone was so pumped and cheering back & forth and everyone on the AL side went nuts when Lee put on the Alabama mascot head.

After the show was over, we stuck around taking pictures and they shot another segment. Then we went over near the Gameday bus to wait and see if any of the guys might walk that way so we could get a picture of them. Well, we got to take a picture WITH Kirk Herbstreit!! So exciting! He is by far both of our favorite announcers, and so nice, might I add.

After Gameday we headed to the fanfare and got to see the pep rally and get some free Alabama Cheer Gear. We also got our picture taken with the SEC Championship trophy-each of us on our respective sides
(West for AL, east for TN).

Then it was over to the Georgia Dome. The game was so intense and such a blast. I have never been to a game that loud in all my life, and I’ve been to some super loud games at Neyland Stadium. Unfortunately Alabama didn’t win, but they sure put up a great fight and we yelled with all our might. It was a wonderful weekend and an opportunity we will never forget!

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  1. Awesome! And it looks like yall had great seats!

  2. khamilton614 says:

    It’s so great to see another UT fan (the RIGHT UT!!) on here! I love going to games at Neyland Stadium! When did you graduate?

  3. khamilton-I went to UT my freshman year (2000) and then transferred to a private Christian school. But I’ve grown up here in TN and loved the Vols all my life!

  4. khamilton614 says:

    I have lived in East TN all my life and been a Vol fan for as long as I can remember! I am looking forward to teaching my daughter the ways of UT football! Are you still in TN?

  5. I do still live in TN-near Chattanooga. How about you? Do you still live in TN?

  6. newmanfamily says:

    I have to say I am jealous of you meeting and getting your picture made with Kirk. I always watch Gameday to see him, he is a cutie!
    Love ya,