Conversation Hearts Sugar Cookies

This past weekend I worked a youth retreat, and the theme was Love Wins. I wanted to bake a few goodies for everyone to enjoy. Along with a few other things, I thought I would make some heart sugar cookies that said ‘Love Wins.’ As I was baking them, I had the bright idea to also write some cute valentine messages on them like the conversation hearts candies. You know, Be Mine, Cutie Pie, etc. They turned out super cute, if I do say so myself.

I used this recipe from A Year in the Kitchen & Good Things Catered for the cookies. It is such a great recipe-never fails to please. I used this recipe for the buttercream frosting, another never fail, fabulous recipe.

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  1. Great minds think alike, my friend! Actually…I think we were talking about this on the board a while back. Regardless, I pph your cookies. SO pretty! The color is awesome and they look delish! Happy valentine’s day!

  2. Super cute cookies!! I love the sayings!! Happy V-day to you!

  3. These look so cute! You did a great job on them.