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On our trip to New York, Adam & I decided we would do a bakery crawl of sorts. By that I mean visit as many bakeries as possible in our three short days there. We didn’t make it to every one that we wanted to, but that gives us reason to go back, right?:) So, as promised, here are the NYC Sweets. We had so much fun exploring different areas of the city, as some of these were harder to find than others. Oh and I should say, Erin’s Food Files, Amateur Gourmet & were great resources when researching where we wanted to go.

Our first stop was Bouchon Bakery in Columbus Circle. It was inside the Time Warner Center. It was also a cafe and so we sat down and had a nice little break from all of our walking. At the suggestion of our server, we had the apple crumble with an apple cider sorbet. It was absolutely divine! Just melted in your mouth and the sorbet was so refreshing. Absolutely one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I didn’t realize it, but they also have a counter service where you can get cookies, etc. So we’ll have to get some of those to go next time. Definitely visit here and you won’t be dissapointed!!

After walking around for quite a while, we worked up a bit of an appetite and decided to get a Crumbs cupcake to go and take it back to our hotel as our pre-broadway snack.

We got the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake and it even had a little cookie sticking out of the top, and as a nice surprise had a chocolate filling as well! This cupcake was so moist and the flavor of the icing was spot on to cookie dough (and just the right amount of sweetness-not too sugary). I absolutely loved it! This was actually my favorite cupcake that we had our entire trip.

The next day, after the Today show, we couldn’t find the breakfast place I was wanting to go to, so we decided to have cupcakes for breakfast! After all, it’s vacation, right? So we stopped at the ever famous Magnolia Bakery.

It was so cute, and I loved how they had different lines for drinks, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes so if you wanted something different, you didn’t have to wait in just one huge long line.

They also have tons of cakes and actually we went back here late that night and Adam got cheesecake and I got a hot chocolate, which were both excellent.

But that morning, Adam got the red velvet cupcake and I got a vanilla cupcake. The red velvet had a great flavor and the icing was wonderful. The vanilla had good flavor, but the cake was a bit too dense and the icing was a bit too sugary. Still good, but I would definitely get the red velvet next time instead. (Red velvet is on the left and vanilla on the right with the snowman).

After lunch in the chelsea market, we stopped at the Jaques Torres Hot Chocolate Bar and tasted some of their chocolates. They had so many unique flavors.

We tried the wicked fun, which had some chipolte chiles in it. It was so good. It had a sweet chocolate taste and then after you swallowed you would get the heat. So delicious. We also tried one that had melon in it that gave a nice fruity flavor and then an almond flavor. They were all great, but the wicked fun was our favorite.

Later that afternoon we hit up Sweet Revenge. I loved the rustic look of the outside and it was just such a cool atmosphere.

We had their namesake cupcake, the Sweet Revenge, which was Peanut Butter cake, ganache filling and peanut buttercream on top. It was so amazing! Loved the pb flavor. Would’ve like to have a little more filling inside but other than that a great cupcake. The cake actually had kind of a muffin/crumbly texture which was actually really nice and helped balance out the sweetness of the icing. Definitely a winner.

Next up on our bakery crawl was Milk & Cookies, which was just down the street from Sweet Revenge. We actually had a bite of our cookie and then took it to go because we were full from the cupcake. I loved how they had the cookies on a rack labeled and that’s where you ordered them from. Let you know they were right out of the oven.

I ordered the toffee chocolate chip and it was so delicious. It had a nice chewy texture and that perfect blend of sweet and salty.

Our last stop was the next morning. Right before we left for the airport, we stopped at another crumbs and got a white hot chocolate cupcake and a swiggle cupcake (which is the hostess style cupcake). We ended up eating these later that night after we arrived at my parents and we shared with everyone. They were both delicious. The white hot chocolate cupcake tasted just like my favorite mug of WHC at one of our local cafes. Such wonderful flavor and texture to the cake and the icing.

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  1. katskitchen says:

    I'm jealous! My husband is heading to NY today and he plans on going to Crumbs for cupcakes, possibly bringing one home for his prego wife on Friday, but not sure how easily that will be for him without womping it down himself. I'll have to request a kind he wouldn't like…

  2. so cute! makes me hungry 🙂 glad you all had fun!!

  3. What a fun idea! I've always heard of Magnolia Bakery but not any of the rest. Thank you for the suggestions!

  4. Mmmmmmmm! I love bakeries!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. my mouth is WATERING! thanks a lot:)

  6. How fun! I'm jealous and hungry now 🙂

  7. You did NYC justice by checking out all the bakeshops!! I would do the SAME thing 😉

  8. newmanfamily says:

    YUMMY!! Danielle and I have been wanting to go to NYC and this makes me want to go even more. Miss you girl!!

  9. themilkmanswife says:

    How fun!! Look like you guys had a great (not to mention delicious) time!

  10. Mmmm. You're making me crave a Crumbs cupcake. I always go old fashioned and get the original vanilla with buttercream icing. Can't go wrong with a classic. I'll definitely check out these other bakeries the next time I'm in the city. Thanks for posting an excellent summary.

  11. Oh my goodness, sounds so yummy! I love the way the vanilla snowman cupcake was decorated!

  12. What an awesome dessert tour – I'm drooling looking at all those cupcakes!! Glad you had fun 🙂

  13. Mackenzie@The Caramel Cookie says:

    I wish I had gone to Crumbs when I was in NYC! I ended up going to Magnolia and was disappointed with cupcake i got :(. I'll definately have to visit Crumbs next time!!!

  14. ErinsFoodFiles says:

    What a great tour of sweets! You visited some places I hadn't heard of yet, so I am adding them to my list for my next visit. Thanks for the link too!