Cream Cheese Party Spread

This is quite possibly the easiest appetizer ever! Everyone will ask you what is in that? It’s not even a recipe really, just two ingredients you throw together. This is the perfect appetizer for a spur of the moment party or when you need something quick, easy and tasty! It really is quite addictive. All you do is take cream cheese and top it with red pepper jelly & serve with crackers. I love the spicy/sweet flavor that the jelly adds. I think you could also do this with strawberry or blackberry or any other type of preserves as well. A friend of mine made this for a Christmas party and I’ve made it twice since then & everyone loves it!

Cream Cheese Party Spread

1 8oz. block 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1/2 of a 10.5 oz. jar red pepper jelly or preserves of your choice

Allow cream cheese to soften slightly at room temperature (approximately 10 minutes, it will soften more as the party goes on!) Then spoon preserves over top & serve with crackers.

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  1. Lindsay Neal says:

    I love that stuff! My cousin always makes a big batch of jalapeno jelly in August and I have an instant appetizer all year long! Yum!

  2. I love this! It's always such a hit.

  3. Sounds yummy and even better QUICK!!! I'm your newest follower;)

  4. K. Keller says:

    This is a go to for me as well. Love it!

  5. Whitney @ Nesting Season says:

    This has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember. It's also great with Pickapeppa Sauce. Easy is good!

  6. Linda Muckerheide says:

    For the holidays, I patted the softened cream cheese into a tree shape and used green hot pepper jelly.

  7. Here’s another along that same line…Cover an 8 oz bar of cream cheese with cocktail sauce (I always add more horseradish to mine but you can do what you want) and then put small (salad size) cooked shrimp over the top of that….serve with crackers and enjoy…. Sally

  8. We always topped ours with Tiger Sauce. It combines spicy and sweet. It is delicious with crackers.