Hawaiian Chicken

This chicken is a continuation of my tropical theme this week. This was so delicious! It had a sweety yet tangy flavor and the chicken was super moist. I searched the internet for a great hawaiian/pineapple chicken recipe but couldn’t find any I was in love with. So I decided to make one up myself. I don’t know about you, but making up an entire recipe is actually really out of my comfort zone. I love making other people’s recipes or taking a recipe and adding my own twist to it or making an indulgent recipe healthier…But when it comes to making up an entire recipe, I get super nervous. I decided to roll with it and if it didn’t turn out, there’s always ordering a pizza! Thankfully this turned out great and the delivery pizza was not needed. Adam absolutely loved it, and it tasted even better leftover the next day! I served these along side cilantro lime rice & fresh pineapple & strawberries. Hope you’ve enjoyed my “vacation” to the tropics this week!

Hawaiian Chicken

1 cup crushed pineapple
1 tbsp. honey
juice of 1/2 lime
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
1 clove minced garlic
1/4 tsp. kosher salt
1/8-1/4 tsp. ground cayenne pepper
1 tbsp. cilantro
2 large chicken breasts, cut in half or 4 smaller chicken breasts

In a medium sized bowl mix together pineapple and all other ingredients except the chicken until combined. Place chicken in the bowl to marinate and refrigerate until ready to use. We marinated for 1 hour, but if you have less time it would be just fine.

After marinating, place chicken & marinade in a large skillet, sprayed with cooking spray. Cook over medium heat for approximately 20 minutes until chicken is cooked through and marinade has reduced just slightly. Serve chicken topped with cooked marinade & garnish with cilantro.

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  1. Young and Fabulous says:

    Can I just say how much i LOVE your blog. I've used sooo many of your recipes on here! One of my favs being the simplest one…mock chilis salsa!! haha this sounds delicious though!

    question: can this be made on a grill do you think instead of using a pan?


  2. This looks delicious~ I love the pineapple and chicken flavor combination.

  3. Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the blog! That means a lot to me! I love that mock Chilis salsa too!!! I think it could be done on the grill…but you might want to put it in a grill pan (could use a disposable foil pan if you don't have a grill pan) so the marinade doesn't drip down into the grill.

  4. The Sugar Queen says:

    I love Hawaiian Chicken, and yours looks delicious. I will definitely have to give your recipe a try. The rice recipe looks delicious, too!

  5. This recipe looks fabulous and I have all the ingredients! Yay!

  6. We loved this! I am excited to have it this week for leftovers since you said it's even better the next day. Posting it soon with lots of love for you!

  7. and I should go ahead and apologize for my terrible photo because it was really great tasting!

  8. Thank you for sharing this great recipe! My husband and I both loved it…it's going in our regular rotation of meals 🙂

  9. how many servings does this recipe make?