San Francisco Treats

Rice-A-Roni, A San Francisco Treat…well we didn’t eat Rice-A-Roni while we were there but we ate several delectable treats for sure! We absolutely loved San Francisco and were amazed at all there is to do & see there not to mention great food! Today I will share all our fun dessert places that we visited and then look for our other eats next week!

We found this gem by accident in Ghiardelli Square. Adam is in love with cupcakes and we couldn’t find a cupcake place near where we were staying, but while on our double decker tour he spotted their cupcake logo from afar and we came back later to find it. This place was phenomenal! Turns out Kara has been on Top Chef: Just Desserts and Food Network’s Cupcake Wars! Jackpot!!

Adam got the Strawberry Creme and I got the Chocolate Velvet and then we split them. Both cakes were so light and moist! The strawberry had strawberry curd filling which was out of this world and the chocolate velvet’s frosting was so light but bursting with flavor! We loved this place so much we even found their cupcake truck and their other location so we ate one of Kara’s Cupcakes three days in a row!:)

We split the passion fruit cupcake from their Cupcake Truck. We liked the other two we tried better but this one was still great.

One of my favorite places we visited was the Ferry Market Building! It had so many great restaurants and stores and this cute little French Bakery, miette pattiserie.

This was my first time to try a macaron which I have been dying to try!! We tried the pistachio (on the far right) and it was so great!! I am a new macaron fan for sure! I don’t even like pistachio, but it really just tasted like an amped up vanilla. The cream filling was fantastic and I loved the texture of the macaron.

If you are in San Francisco on a Saturday, you have GOT to go to the Ferry Market Building in the morning for their Farmer’s Market. It was AWESOME!! Vendor after vendor of fresh produce and restaurants and bakeries. The picture above was from a booth of a bakery in Healdsburg.

This was probably one of the best things we had the entire trip. It looks unassuming but it’s the best donut I’ve ever had!! So pillowy and soft and the custard filling I could’ve eaten an entire bowl of with a spoon! Found this inside the Ferry Market Building during the Farmer’s Market.

Homemade pop-tarts!! From the same bakery in Healdsburg!

Cafe Greco was a great bakery & breakfast place in Little Italy that I found on So cute and you could sit outside. They even had a bowl of water for dogs!:)

Adam had this and I don’t remember the name of it but it was filled with a citrus curd and I think I ate more of it than he did 😉 So amazing and flaky and soft!!

I got this almond croissant that was also really good, but I did like Adam’s better. We also shared a White Hot Chocolate that was fabulous!!

Wonderful desserts, and now I am definitely on a detox after all that sugar! Haha…not really:) SF Eats coming soon….

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  1. Krystal says:

    Steph!!!! I love SF, we usually visit once or twice a year and you brought a big smile to my face since you went to my fave cupcake shop there – Kara's is the best!! I had it in Napa. Looks like you guys had a blast eating your way around town, can't wait to see more!

  2. Hi! Love your blog! Just wanted to tell you that the pastry youre not sure of is called a sfogliatelle (or a "lobster tail") I love them too! They are sooo yummy!

  3. Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

    Thanks Krystal! Liz thank you so much for telling me the name!! Now I will know so I can order one next time I see it!!:)

  4. Miss Sweet Tea says:

    I love Kara's! I always stop there when I'm visiting SF. I also recently discovered Miette on my last trip there and the desserts were so yummy!

  5. kay simmons says:

    Gosh! All this stuff just looks INCREDIBLE!! What took you guys to San Francisco? I'll look forward to hearing about your other eats…but, can't imagine them topping these! YUM!

  6. Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

    Kay, We went to SF for our 5 year anniversary!:) It was so wonderful!

  7. If you’re ever in SF again, you’ll have to revisit the Mission and head to Tartine Bakery for the best croissants outside of Paris!