Strawberry on Top: Pajama Party


After Christmas, Adam & I hosted a Post-Christmas Pajama Party with a few of our close friends.  Last year we did the Tacky Sweater party, which was great fun but I thought I would make it easier on everyone and just have them wear pajamas or comfy clothes.  We had such a great time! I made the stuffed mushrooms, ranch loaded baked potato dip, and cream cheese party spread.  I also made an awesome punch that I’ll be sharing with you soon.  Our friends brought some great appetizers too!

pajama party

We played Minute to Win It games, which was a blast! We had gotten the game for Christmas last year and then we added a couple games to it as well.  We played “Face the Oreo” where you get an oreo and have to work it down your face to your mouth with no hands.  I attempted (unsuccessfully) to kick paper footballs through the uprights, and Amber & Adam both emptied the Kleenex box of all the tissue. Kristen did a great job of stacking the cups and pulling out the index cards quickly to make the cups fall onto each other.   There were some others that we played, like junk in the trunk, 3 pong bounce and fan the ball.  We also played our favorite game, Catch Phrase too. We’re hoping to make this pajama party an annual event! Have you gone to any fun theme parties? What’s your favorite party game?

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  1. Great pictures. Your guests are brave letting you post pics of them in thier jammies on here! Thats awesome. Totally going to try the dip recipe… great idea… pj party… low key, comfortable… ect. I have been to a tacky sweater party years ago that was a blast. But to buy a sweater to only wear once seemed like a waste. The dip would taste good with some chips. Just made this chip recipe little bit ago. Was so good! So healthy chips + your awesome non so healthy yummy dip = sort of healthy, right? 🙂