Sophie’s 4th Birthday Mermaid Party

Sophie turned 4 last month and I wasn’t going to do a party but she really wanted one, so we did a small family party. She is all about decorations so she asked for a Mermaid party and wanted lots of decorations so I obliged.

The cake was amazing!! We had it made and it tasted incredible and looked fantastic!! Was so thrilled with it!!

We had it catered by a local Tex Mex restaurant, Dos Bros to make it easier on me and had a burrito/taco bar with “shark teeth” tortilla chips & dips. Drinks were at the “coral reef-reshments” and we had “starfish” pb&j sandwiches, and “schools” of goldfish plus “shipwreck treasures” aka birthday cake popcorn. Plus some dinglehoppers (forks) for decorations just like in Little Mermaid.

This was a big hit with our little girl and was such a fun party!

Sophie’s outfit is from Etsy, party banner is from party city, Mermaid sign also from Etsy

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  1. How can your daughter be 4 already!? Thank you for sharing these birthday pictures. Sophie is so sweet in her little outfit. That’s a great family pic.
    Little guy is really growing, isn’t he!

  2. ahhh I love mermaids!!! What a fun theme for Sophie’s party-it looks so fun!