Butternut Squash Gratin

I’ve been searching for some new side dish recipes to try as possibilities for Thanksgiving. I wanted to do something non-traditional so I thought I would make something with butternut squash.  It’s sweet potato cousin gets lots of attention at Thanksgiving, but the butternut squash gets neglected a little bit. This squash gratin was savory […]

Maple Butternut Squash

This is another great recipe from my new Ellie Krieger cookbook, So Easy. Squash is a great side, though I do find it super hard to cut up, but it’s totally worth it. I served them along side these chicken mushroom quesadillas I made the other day, and it balanced out the meal very nicely. […]

Butternut Squash and Vanilla Risotto

I have been wanting to make risotto for a while. For some reason, every time I plan to make it, it seems I can’t find arborio rice, we decide to go out to eat or something else comes up. This week I was determined to make it. I had seen Giada’s butternut squash and vanilla […]

Sweet & Savory Butternut Squash Soup

I have been wanting to make my own butternut squash soup ever since Adam & I had some last winter at our favorite restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado called Hearthstone (so good!!). So, I went searching for a recipe, since it’s now that time of year for butternut squash. I concocted this recipe out of one […]

Great Grandmother’s Squash Casserole

I can remember my mom making this dish in the summertime growing up with fresh squash from a friend’s garden. (We got them from friends because my mom is just now getting a green thumb-no offense mom!) It has such a summery feel and a savory flavor. I thought it would go perfectly with the […]