Hissy Fit Dip (Cheesy Sausage Dip)

This Hissy Fit Dip (Cheesy Sausage Dip) is a fabulous appetizer that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The story goes that this was served at a tailgating party and was so popular that it ran out & a girl didn't get any and threw a "hissy fit." Who knows if that is for real or not, but regardless of what you call it this is an addictive dip that would be great at any party! You can also … Read More

Pregnancy Update & IVF #2

I am now 31 Weeks, getting so close! The picture above was taken on Christmas Eve at 29 Weeks. Our little guy is doing great and it right on track. I'm feeling pretty good except for my sciatic nerve giving me some problems and getting to the uncomfortable harder to get around stage. I haven't had too many cravings this pregnancy, except for Sweet Tea, Hot Chocolate, Sandwiches & Apple … Read More

Million Dollar Dip

Need a crowd pleasing appetizer for the National Championship Football Game or even the Super Bowl coming up? This Million Dollar Dip is a sure fire winner! It definitely lives up to it's name and the hype! It's super easy and you can make it ahead of time, plus it only uses 5 ingredients! This would be great for a party, game day or even a bridal or baby shower. Million Dollar … Read More

Top 16 Recipes of 2016

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was wonderful and I'll post about it very soon. In the mean time, it's that time of year for the top posts of the year according to page views. Looks like you all had a sweet tooth this year! There are a few savory dishes mixed in but lots of delicious treats! Did your favorite make the list or any you are excited to try? I listed them in reverse … Read More

Homemade Gumdrops

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Are you all done with your shopping & have your menus ready? I am finished shopping and just have a couple more presents to wrap. I went to the grocery last night and got everything I needed for the holiday meals, now let's just hope I didn't forget anything, haha! I've absolutely adore gummy candies and have been wanting to make my own gumdrops for … Read More

Magic Cookie Bar Truffles

Have you ever had those magic cookie bars around the holidays? I have fond memories of my mom and I always making them growing up. I came across this recipe for Magic Cookie Bar Truffles and knew I had to try them! It's all the flavors of the traditional bars but in no bake truffles! Adam is in love with these and says they taste just like an Almond Joy or Mounds candy bar. Magic Cookie … Read More

White Christmas Haystacks

These little treats may look unassuming, but trust me when I say that these White Christmas Haystacks are amazingly addictive! Perfectly salty & sweet and seem to melt in your mouth. These are great to give away as gifts or take to a holiday party. Plus, they are super easy and don't require any baking! Customize them with any color of sprinkles for a treat throughout the year. White … Read More

Sugar Cookie Chex Mix

My mom & I always make the traditional muddy buddies (a.k.a. puppy chow or white trash) but this year I thought I would mix it up a little for a Christmas party we were going to. This Sugar Cookie Chex Mix was a huge hit! I had several ask me for the recipe. It's crunchy & sweet and really does taste like a sugar cookie! Plus, it's super easy to make and fun for kids to help with … Read More

Christmas Fun

Hope you all are having a fun filled Christmas season so far! We've been celebrating since mid-November haha! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, watching the parade and wonderful time with family. Friday we went Black Friday Shopping and had lots of fun and found lots of great deals before heading to our second Thanksgiving celebration. We also decorated our Christmas tree really early in early … Read More

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

It's that time again, Christmas cookie time! For some reason, cookies just make Christmas seem so much more festive, maybe because we know Santa loves his cookies?! Santa (and all your family & friends) are going to absolutely love these Red Velvet Sugar Cookies! They are soft and chewy and the icing just makes them melt in your mouth. I think I just might have found a new favorite … Read More