Mini Crisis Averted!

Let's just say that this week is not my favorite. Monday was great. Adam had the day off and we went to the pool, and then to my brother's 7th birthday party. Tons of relaxing fun. Then Tuesday hit and it was back to work. Over the weekend, Adam & I made the mistake of going to the pet store at the mall. Well, you guessed it. I fell in love with one of the puppies. Well, Tuesday I just … Read More

Visit with friends & the mennanites

Recently we went to visit our friends Pete, Tracy & Titus. We had such a great time with them! They have a new house and it is so cute. Titus has gotten so big and is super smart. He would bring me a book to read him and then Tracy would tell him to go put it back in his room, and he put it right back where it belonged! I was way impressed. Pete & Tracy took us to visit the Mennanite … Read More


I recently found this website. She has lots of great healthy recipes and tips on how to eat healthy when eating out, etc. Check it out! She has a great page called Chew The Right Thing that compares a favorite dish that is bad for you with a healthy alternative recipe for the same thing. (Ex. healthified guacamole vs. fatty bad for you guac) She also has a brand new cookbook out that I hope … Read More

Hearty Spaghetti Sauce

This is a variation on my mom's sauce. This sauce is really hearty and has a lot of flavor. The best thing is it's super easy, quick to throw together and easy to double for a crowd. It's not totally from scratch, but could be adapted by subbing fresh tomatoes, tomato paste and extra seasonings for the canned sauce. Ingredients: 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil Approx. 1 cup Baby Bella … Read More

Monster Cookies

One of my former co-workers made these for my going away party/shower when I left there, right before I got married (I moved cities). They were so amazing. I couldn't stop eating them! I begged her for the recipe and she obliged. These cookies have a little bit of everything in them making them the perfect cookie-all your favorites in one yummy bite! Monster Cookies Source: My friend … Read More

Rave: Cabana Restaurant in Nashville

This past weekend Adam & I spent the night in Nashville. I used to work and live there, but it was when we were engaged and he was living in a different city, so I didn't stay there on the weekends. Because I went home a lot, I didn't get to experience a lot of the non-chain dining establishments that Nashville has to offer. So, I went out searching and to find … Read More

Mock Chili’s Salsa

I was so excited when I got this great recipe for Chili's salsa from my friend Jennifer a few months ago. It is so good and tastes so much like the salsa at Chili's, which I love so much. It has a great balance of flavor and a nice little kick to it. Just a warning though-you may become addicted. We serve this with baked tostitos, which also makes it a nice healthy … Read More

Shredded Chicken Tacos & Black Beans

I have a slight addiction to Moe’s burritos, but they are so fattening, so one day I decided to create my own version at home to be healthier. It was so delicious! The flavors in the chicken are a perfect balance of moisture and flavor. I served them at a Sunday School Social once and everyone was asking for the recipe, so I thought I would share it. I begans by using the Mojo marinade that … Read More

Great Grandmother’s Squash Casserole

I can remember my mom making this dish in the summertime growing up with fresh squash from a friend's garden. (We got them from friends because my mom is just now getting a green thumb-no offense mom!) It has such a summery feel and a savory flavor. I thought it would go perfectly with the cobb burgers I made this past weekend, and it did! It's super fresh and has that buttery golden crunch … Read More

Rave: Fiber One

I'm sure all of you are fully aware of the Fiber One Bars. They are so amazing! My favorite is the Oats & Chocolate. It tastes like dessert, without the guilt! Love it! My new favorites though, are their cereals. They are really tasty, and of course have lots of nutritional value. I even had the caramel delight for dessert the other night. It tastes similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch or … Read More