New & Improved

So Sunday I had a mini breakdown about how I'm not great at deep cleaning. I can organize with the best of them, even thought of doing that for a living, but I am just not the best at mopping, vaccuming, scouring, etc. My husband is great at it, but doesn't have a ton of time to do it. Plus all of our cleaning supplies are old and do not get the job done, so Adam said I could get some new … Read More

Grillin’ It…well sort of

Tonight we were planning on grilling out, but it poured rain, so instead I roasted the corn and zuccini and seared the chicken on the stove. I think I like the corn better this way than on the grill! Corn: Olive oil, kosher salt & pepper to taste. Roast in 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Turn every 7 to 10 minutes. Zucchini: Sprinkle with bbq grill seasoning and grated parmesan … Read More


Last Friday, I went with my friend Jill to one of my favorite places, Ikea. I love that store. Even though I didn't really need anything, I still managed to spend like $150.00! I can't ever get out of there without buying something. These are my great finds. I got a set of 8 glasses to replace ours since ours are beginnging to crack, a zester, napkin rings, a bamboo bin to match the one I … Read More

Watermelon Cake Expedition

After watching the premier of the new season of Ace of Cakes on Food Network last week, Adam proposed that we try to sculpt and ice a cake ourselves. Not having ever done this before, I was a bit skeptical of what we would be able to create. He came up with doing a an entire watermelon...I thought we could just start with slices and build up to the whole watermelon. So we … Read More

I HAVE to have it!

Smucker's Creamy Natural Peanut Butter has become my new best friend. I LOVE it so much! I didn't eat PB for a few years because I thought it was bad for you, but through a new eating lifestyle change, I discovered that Natural PB has good fats that help your body process food. Yeah!! This PB is a part of my daily intake...might as well make it it's own food group in my opinion!! I eat it at … Read More

Blackberry Cobbler

I got these blackberries at a Farmer's Market and froze them, and thought the Fourth of July would be the perfect time to bring them out. (This is my last fourth of july post I promise. I got a little baking happy with this party...but it almost all got eaten!) So after much searching, I found this Blackberry Cobbler recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks. It was so yummy-the blackberries combined … Read More

S’mores Cookie Bars

I found these on Noodle Nights & Muffin Morning's Blog, but they are from the Hershey website. I decided that there's not much more American than S'mores, so I also made these for my Fourth of July party. They are so melt in your mouth good! All the sights and smells and sounds of camping came rushing back to me with just one bite! So scrumptious! I could hardly stay out of them! The best … Read More

Strawberry Hand Pies

I found this great recipe on the Good Things Catered blog here-she has fabulous recipes-and thought it would be perfect for my Fourth of July Party. I was nervous because I'd never made dough from scratch before, but I decided to give it a go. It was a huge success, I don't think I'll ever by bought pie crust again! It's so easy, and so much more delicious! The hand pies were the perfect … Read More

Downtown Dinner

On my actual birthday, my husband took me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Tony's. They make their pasta fresh everyday and you can even make your own combinations. Adam had Chicken Tetrazzini (pictured 1st) and I had Spaggetini Con Crudo (pictured 2nd). Both were amazing and so fresh tasting. Then we walked around downtown and I couldn't resist taking pictures even though I've been … Read More

Cruise to Cozumel & Grand Cayman

We just recently got back from the most amazing vacation! We went with our great friends, Chad & Jennifer on a Carnival Cruise to Grand Cayman & Cozumel. I have to admit, I have been very anti-cruise in the past, but this was a blast! I would reccomend it to anyone. We had such a great time! We relaxed, laid out in the sun, went to the beach in Grand Cayman (this was an adventure as … Read More