Holiday Fire Crackers

Holiday Fire Crackers (2 of 5)

These may not look like much, but they are my new favorite snack! These have such a bold flavor and a nice bit of heat that will keep you coming back for just a few more, then just a few more after that! These are perfect for parties! And if you don't like too much heat, just cut back on the amount of the red peppers you add in. Plus, these are so easy to make! Also, I named these "holiday crackers" because, well it's the holidays and the red peppers & ranch give them a little bit of red & green sprinkling. Holiday Fire … Read More

Hot Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

Hot Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats (3 of 5)

I don't know about you but I absolutely love hot chocolate! Adam & I have the tradition of baking & decorating a fun treat at Christmas every year. One year it was a Gingerbread house complete with skating rink, a few years it's been sugar cookies. This year we were brainstorming of making a treat that looked like a mug of hot chocolate. I thought why not make a treat that tastes like … Read More

Crock Pot Cheddar Creamed Corn

Crock Pot Cheddar Creamed Corn (4 of 5)

This may seem to be an odd post in the midst of all the candies and cookies and holiday appetizers. I simply couldn't wait to share this with you all because it was that good!! This Crock Pot Cheddar Creamed Corn is my new favorite side dish!! It's so savory and perfectly seasoned. I love how easy this is! You can just throw it in the crock pot and 3-4 hours later it's ready and frees up your … Read More

Decadent Chocolate Layer Cake

Decadent Chocolate Layer Cake (3 of 5)

I have been wanting to try my hand at making a Chocolate Layer Cake for quite a while but have always been apprehensive that it wouldn't turn out or would be too dry. I decided that I needed to conquer my fear and embrace the challenge. I got super brave and made it for the first time for Adam's office Christmas party. This cake was phenomenal!! It was super moist and decadent and full of … Read More

Perfect Party Cheese Ball

Perfect Party Cheese Ball (2 of 2)

So it's that time of year for lots of parties! I love it!! I helped host a shower recently and was tasked with bringing the cheese ball and I also had a meeting the next day so I found this recipe that made 2 cheese balls and it worked perfectly! This might be the best cheese ball I've ever had and that's saying a lot because I am a huge cheese ball fan! Such a great appetizer or snack and … Read More

Double Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies (2 of 4)

It's officially Christmas time! Do you have your tree up yet? I couldn't wait and put ours up the week before Thanksgiving. Partly because we were going out of town for Thanksgiving and partly because I just love the decorations! We had our first Christmas party last night and I took these Double Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies. They were apparently a big hit because I went back at the end to … Read More