Go-To Banana Bread

Go-To Banana Bread (2 of 2)

My neighbor is so sweet and periodically will make us a loaf of banana bread. It's always so wonderful and perfectly moist. I had some bananas sitting on my counter way past their prime and wanted to make some banana bread. I like my bananas almost green when I eat them so I usually end up with several ripe bananas still on my counter and they usually end up forgotten. Not this time! My neighbor is moving soon so I knew I needed to get my hands on that recipe before she leaves and this was a perfect opportunity! This is such a great go-to … Read More

Caramel Corn Chex Mix

Caramel Corn Chex Mix (1 of 2)

I've had the idea of a "Take me out to the ballgame" chex mix that plays on "peanuts & cracker jacks" for a long time now. I had some leftover chex and decided to make that idea come to fruition! This combines lots of snacks you'd find at the ballpark: peanuts, popcorn, & pretzels with some chex thrown in and coated in delicious caramel! This Caramel Corn Chex Mix makes for an … Read More

Creamy Cheese Grits

Cheese Grits (1 of 5)

So, I really am not a fan of grits like at all. Like, I really do not like them one bit! I know, I should just be kicked out of the South right now. However, when my friend Kathy made these grits a while ago for an event, I tried them and loved them! When I was thinking about what to make for Easter brunch to go with our waffles, I remembered these Creamy Cheese Grits and thought they would … Read More

Homemade Belgian Waffle Mix

Belgian Waffle Mix (3 of 5)

Hope you all had a Blessed and Happy Easter! Our church had services on Saturday, so we opted to go then and the music and worship were so wonderful! We slept in just a little on Sunday and then got up to prepare Sunday brunch. I have been wanting to make waffles from scratch for a while now, but one thing has been stopping me. I don't own a waffle maker. Our house doesn't have much storage … Read More

One Hour Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls (5 of 7)

I love warm rolls fresh from the oven, especially homemade ones. The thing is, usually when I make rolls from scratch it takes all day and then they might not rise properly or are too dense. When I saw this recipe I was immediately intrigued. I could have fresh homemade fluffy rolls in about an hour?! Sign me up! I was still nervous about the yeast because it can be temperamental, but this … Read More

Cake Batter M&M Popcorn

Cake Batter M&M Popcorn (7 of 7)

We were supposed to go to an egg hunt this past weekend and unfortunately it was cancelled because of the cold weather. I had already purchased the Easter colored m&m's for the eggs, so I thought why not use them in some sort of Easter treat! I had everything on hand to make this Cake Batter M&M Popcorn and thought it would be the perfect way to use up some of those m&m's. It's so … Read More