Cafe Roma & Painting

Last weekend we went to eat a great local restaurant called Cafe Roma. It is so delicious! We have been wanting to try it for a while, but just kept forgetting about it. So, we finally went last Sunday after church and it was so delightful. It has a great atmosphere and the lunch prices are really reasonable, not to mention that the food is just phenomonal!
I had the angel hair pasta with fresh tomato sauce.

Adam had the chicken salad sandwich on foccacia with sweet potato fries. We shared our food, so I got to partake of this amazing fresh dish. I will definitely order this next time. I loved the different taste of the sweet potato fries, and the dipping sauce really added another level of flavor.

My friend Tara got the ravioli and it was a heavenly comfort food!

Later, we went for dessert to a local favorite, the Shake Shack. A drive up place that has burgers, fries, and of course Shakes! Most of us had our long time favorite, the Hot Fudge Shake. It was every bit as good as I remembered!

That night, my friend Steph had a going away party. She is moving to Chicago to go to Wheaton to get her doctorate. She had a great idea of having everyone paint a canvas for her to remember them by. We took a word that we feel describes God and painted that for her! It was so fun! I hadn’t painted in a while, so it was nice to get those creative juices flowing! I chose the word passion because it just encompases how God feels toward us and just embodies who He is to me.

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  1. You are all so creative. I love the paintings! What a neat thing to do.

  2. Tracy Bisbee says:

    A HOT FUDGE SHAKE from the Shake Shack!! Oh my gosh, i have to make a trip to Cleveland soon. My mouth is now watering after reading this.
    Can’t wait to see you!