Chic & Elegant Wedding

Last Saturday we went to my good friend Morgan’s wedding. It was a blast! Morgan looked like a supermodel! I am so happy for her! Keep reading-this is about food too-I promise!

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was just breathtaking! It was set-up like a chic lounge & club. Totally something straight out of a magazine. Morgan & I used to work together as wedding planners, so I knew it would be amazing. Everything was white with crystals and candlelight.

The tent was completely draped in gorgeous white fabric and then she used lighting to create different moods. During dinner is was light pink and then when the party started after the cake cutting it changed to blue. She also had the table set up in large rectangles, which really made it easier to talk to those around you. There were lounge couches set up around the dance floor and then in three cabanas behind the cake table. It was very swanky, elegant, & chic.

The food was also phenomonal! She had six different food stations set-up, all with a different kind of cuisine. There was the chinese table, which had chinese boxes and chopsticks for you to put your noodles in.

There was the mexican station (my personal favorite) with taquitos, chips with salsa & guacamole (guacamole was SO GOOD!), mini veggie burgers and then there was a chef there making the quesadillas to order with different toppings you could put on. (Yes that is a bite taken from my quesadilla-it was so good I couldn’t wait to take a bite!)

She had a fresh seafood station with scallops, crab shooters, and shrimp cocktail (gourmet style-delicious!). Another favorite of mine was the southern station with mini fried green tomato blt sandwiches, fried okra, and chicken poppers with honey mustard.

She also had a pasta station and a fast food station. The fast food station was so fun. There was little sliders, tater tots, and nachos & cheese. I didn’t get to taste these last two station because I was so full, but they looked great.

The cake tasted amazing! The top layer was vanilla and the bottom layer chocolate within the same piece of cake! The buttercream icing was to die for! Seriously good! The same pastry chef that made our wedding cake made this, so I was loving it!

The best part was that Adam & I got to dance a ton. She played super fun music! The first set was all from the 80’s (lots of michael jackson & we built this city) and the second set was old school from the 90’s (spice girls, whomp there it is, 2 legit) and then the third set was current music, but it was all upbeat so we just danced and danced!

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  1. WOW! That was quite a wedding! It’s fun to see pictures of other weddings..those food stations are awesome!

  2. mamakrystal says:

    Sounds like you guys had a blast. What a beautiful bride, and awesome food-filled reception! That’s the way to party on your wedding day!!