Double Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies (2 of 4)

It's officially Christmas time! Do you have your tree up yet? I couldn't wait and put ours up the week before Thanksgiving. Partly because we were going out of town for Thanksgiving and partly because I just love the decorations! We had our first Christmas party last night and I took these Double Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies. They were apparently a big hit because I went back at the end to … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Hope your day is filled with lots of family and love and an abundance of delicious food!! … Read More

French Toast Cups

French Toast Cups (1 of 3)

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Do you host Thanksgiving or just take a few dishes to a family gathering? We are going to a couple of family gatherings and I'm bringing some side dishes and desserts. If you are hosting and have a house full of family, you will need something easy for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning or Friday morning before heading out shopping. These are super easy to prepare the … Read More

Strawberry on Top: Sophie’s 1st Birthday


Sophie just celebrated her 1st birthday! Well it was actually a month ago, but I'm a little behind on updating you all! We had such a fun day on her birthday! The forecast was for lots and lots of rain, but thankfully God parted the skies and blessed us with a gorgeous fall day! We held her party at a local park at a pavilion and it was the perfect location! The pavilion was right beside a … Read More

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast (1 of 3)

It's almost Thanksgiving time! I've made the big huge roasted turkey before and it was awesome, but it feeds a ton of people. I wanted an option that fed a smaller crew and that I could actually make throughout the year if I wanted to. This slow cooker turkey breast requires just a little bit of prep but it really easy and it uses your slow cooker so your oven is clear for all the delicious … Read More

Pumpkin Crescent Rolls

Pumpkin Crescent Rolls (4 of 8)

These pumpkin crescent rolls are going to be your new go-to holiday roll! They are so soft and flavorful! You can top them with butter or honey or even apple butter would be great I think! These do take a bit of time just because of the rises,  but they really are not that difficult and very forgiving for a yeast recipe! Definitely going to be making these for years to come! Pumpkin … Read More

Broccoli Casserole from Scratch

Broccoli Casserole (3 of 7)

Broccoli Casserole is one of my favorite holiday dishes, but I always wished that it didn't use those canned soups that can be full of preservatives and who knows what. I found this recipe that you make using cream cheese and a roux from scratch instead of the soups. This was so incredible!! So creamy and comforting. This is definitely going on my Thanksgiving menu!! The crackers give a nice … Read More

Spinach Artichoke Bites

Spinach Cups (2 of 4)

We finally resumed our girls night after a couple months hiatus because of the busy fall schedule. I missed it so much! I've had these Spinach Artichoke Bites pinned for quite some time and thought it was high time I tried them. These were fabulous and all my girlfriends love them!! Such a fun and delicious twist on the traditional dip. I will definitely be taking these to several parties in … Read More

Soft & Chewy M&M Cookies

M&M Cookies (4 of 5)

I apparently have an abundance on m&m's! I had bought a bag to make those popcorn balls and then a bag of fun sized to hand out on Halloween. Well, we ended up going to a Halloween party and weren't back in time to hand out candy, so I had to find something to bake to use some of them up! These cookies may not look the prettiest, but they are SOO good!! Perfectly soft & chewy. … Read More

M&M Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls (1 of 2)

It's almost Halloween! What's your favorite Halloween tradition? Growing up we'd always have either chili or pigs in a blanket, go trick or treating & go to a local festival. Well, if you still need a fun treat for your Halloween party or just a fun night at home, look no further than these m&m marshmallow popcorn balls! These are so good! Think rice krispy treat but with popcorn … Read More