Soft Batch Funfetti Cookies

Soft Batch Funfetti Cookies {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

Hope you are having a great week! Nothing brightens your day quite like a cookie, especially a soft batch one! These Soft Batch Funfetti Cookies taste just like they came straight from the bakery! Soft & chewy and have that cake batter flavor but they are made from scratch! Kids and adults alike will love them!! Soft Batch Funfetti Cookies Source: Averie CooksMakes approximately 15 … Read More

Congo Bars (Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars)

Congo Bars {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

Thank you all so much for our sweet comments on our new house! We are getting settled in! So these bars have nothing to do with the Congo. Not sure of the exact origin but when I researched the history I found the name is thought to be from when they originally had coconut in them and "congo bars" made them sound more exotic. I also found a site that said Congo could be short for … Read More

Our New House 

 We just moved in to our new house last week! We are beyond blessed and so thankful to the Lord for orchestrating every detail of our move and selling our other home just in time for us to close on this one! He is so faithful!! And so thankful for our dearest friends helping us move, couldn't have done it without them!! We are pretty much all unpacked and settled in! The recipes should resume … Read More

Strawberry Cheesecake Pops

Strawberry Cheesecake Pops {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

So it's National "Something on a Stick" Day! I was contacted by Shari's Berries and asked if I would like to help celebrate by making something on a stick, and I said of course! They were so generous and sent me some of their cake pops to try and they were so delicious! Rich and decadent, and the perfect little treat! My daughter is cake pop obsessed and she loved them too! My favorite was … Read More

Pecan Pie Muffins

Pecan Pie Muf

It's Easter Week and it's finally spring!! Is is warm where you live? It was a little chilly over the weekend but there are warm temperatures in the forecast for the rest of the week thankfully! What's on your Easter menu? I actually haven't thought that far ahead! Yikes! But you should definitely add these Pecan Pie Muffins to your menu! They really do taste like pecan pie in muffin form! … Read More

Enchilada Pasta Skillet

Enchilada Pasta Skillet {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

As promised, I cooked a new savory dish over the weekend to share with you all! This Enchilada Pasta Skillet is a super easy, delicious, & hearty meal with bold flavors your family will love! Plus, it all cooks in one skillet, making for easy clean-up. I know Mexican & Pasta may seem like an odd combination, but trust me when I say it's fabulous! I used ground beef but you could also … Read More

Devil’s Food Caramel Cookies

Devil's Food Caramel Cookies {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

Sorry for all of the sweets I've been posting lately. Ok, well I'm not that sorry because these sweets have been so delicious to taste test! ;) I have been in a bit of a dinner cooking rut though and have been just making our quick & easy favorites like spaghetti & taquitos. But I can always be motivated to bake, haha! I should have some savory recipes to post soon. If you have … Read More

Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

My best friend made these cupcakes for her daughter's princess birthday party and they were so fabulous I asked her to send me the recipe. These Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream are light & fluffy and have just the right amount of sweetness! They taste like chocolate covered strawberries! And I love that the buttercream is made using fresh strawberries! These … Read More

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie {Macaroni and Cheesecake}

Adam & I have started working with the college ministry at our church and are having some of them over to our house a few times a month. I was making a lasagna and wanted a dessert that was easy to make & that I could just mix & pour into a dish and bake. I made this Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie for them and it was amazing!! It was like a gooey chocolate chip cookie that … Read More

Quick Chicken Corn Chowder

corn chowder-2

We've been eating this Quick Chicken Corn Chowder for years and it was actually one of the earliest recipes I posted here on the blog. It didn't need to stay hidden in the archives any longer and it was in desperate need of better pictures! This chowder is so creamy and full of great flavor plus it's actually a healthy version! It comes together in no time and makes a great weeknight … Read More