San Francisco Eats

The food in San Francisco is fabulous! There are so many options it can be overwhelming. Everywhere we ate was really good and I would definitely recommend. Some we happened upon, some were suggested by our concierge and some I found on yelp.

I made reservations at Town Hall after seeing it on Yelp and remembering the name from maybe being mentioned on Top Chef or something. We went here for lunch to save a little moolah and the lunch menu options sounded better to me. LOVED the atmosphere so casual and cool. Felt like you were in a refurbished fire hall or something.

We started out with a seafood chowder and mushroom soup both of which were delicious. Had to be careful not to burn our mouths though…they were hot! They also served bread in these cute bowls and had a bread cutting station right by our table.

I had the fish and chips. The fish was so flaky and tender and the fries were super addictive! Could not stop eating them!

Adam had the flank steak in a chimichurri sauce. I actually loved his better than mine, and he loved mine better than his! haha! The steak had so much depth of flavor and the sauce was like a party in your mouth!!

I had read great things about Pizzaria Delfina located near Pacific Heights and the guy beside us on the airplane also recommended it. This place was so tiny and cute and had fabulous thin crust style pizza. We had the margharita pizza and it had great crust and sauce. The also had lots of fun options like prosciutto and different kinds of cheeses.

Friday we headed to Monterey & Carmel. For lunch we ate at the Monterey Brewing Company and had hand ground burgers. So juicy and fresh! Adam got the sliders which tasted like gourmet Krystals!:) yum! The fries were mountainous but just the right amount of crispy/chewy.

Thinking we were eating in Carmel on Friday and then turns out we didn’t have time for dinner during our tour, we had to get dinner once we got back into the city. We didn’t want to venture too far and it was getting late, so our concierge recommended Max’s right near our hotel in Union Square. It was unassuming but had a massive selection. The portions were huge and the food was great! Great spot if you are in that area.

I had the chicken salad croissant with sweet potato fries and Adam had the club with potato salad. Both were very refreshing and we definitely couldn’t finish it all!

Saturday we ate at the Farmer’s Market for Breakfast and then we ventured to the Mission area. I probably might not venture there again just because it wasn’t close to much, but we did eat at a great authentic Mexican restaurant called La Taqueria.

I had the carnitas and Adam had the steak taco and we split chips & Salsa. Very fresh and authentic tasting. We also shared a strawberry fresco that tasted like Strawberry ice cream!

After all of our walking we got hungry pretty soon after lunch and stopped for a “snack” at Boudin Bakery. They are famous for inventing sourdough bread. There are several locations throughout the city and we ate at the one in the bottom of Macy’s. We split the clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl and a toasted pb&j. The bread was so good!! So soft and had just the right amount of sourness. Great for dipping in the tasty chowder!

Another pizza spot we went to was Tony’s in the Little Italy/North Beach area. So many choices on the menu made it VERY hard to decide. We finally decided on the New Yorker and it had ricotta cheese which was so creamy and added a nice texture to the pizza. It had a little too much sausage for me, but the crust was great.

Our last morning we headed to Mama’s in the North Beach area after seeing it a few days prior with a line way out the door. We got there 15 min. before it opened and ended up in line for about an hour. Worth the wait though! Adam got an omelet with spinach, tomato, onions & pancetta and I got the pancakes with berries and we split both. The omelet had great flavor and the pancakes were light and fluffy. The also served toast with homemade jam that was out of this world!!

The last meal stop was Frontera Grill, a Rick Bayless restaurant (also in the bottom of Macy’s). We also got tacos there that were similar to the ones at La Taqueria and not quite such a trek to get to them. The tacos were inventive with sauces that really enhanced the flavors. Their guacamole was also fantastic!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Everything looks so good! Especially the authentic Mexican food and the pizza. We are hoping to visit San Fran soon so I will definitely save this!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love reading your blog stephanie! You truly are an amazing Prov 31 woman!

  3. Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

    Thank you so much Michelle! That is so sweet!!:)