Golden Graham S’more Bars

S’mores are one of my favorite things on this planet…literally. If something is s’mores flavored you better believe I’m going to be trying it. I’ve posted several s’mores items in the past and I just couldn’t let the summer get away without one more s’mores treat. These were so fun to make and to eat! They had a great crunch and the best part is you can eat these year round because you don’t need a bonfire! These would be great for kids too and a wonderful addition to any party because you can make them ahead of time. I kept mine stored in the fridge because I found that if I left them on the counter the golden grahams lost their crunch. Then I just popped them back in and they crunched right back up. Oh and I just noticed this calls for vanilla in the ingredients but not in the directions so I forgot to add it. They are perfectly good without it but I think it would add a nice depth of flavor. Have one of these s’more bars and savor the summer because it’s almost gone!:) Oh and the best part: these are low in calories at only 135 per serving! (This post contains affiliate links)

Golden Graham S’more Bars

1 10 oz. bag mini marshmallows (Approx. 6 cups)
1 12 oz. package semi sweet chocolate chips
5 tbsp. butter (I used 2 1/2 tbsp. butter & 2 1/2 tbsp. smart balance to save even more calories)
8 cups Golden Graham cereal (one 12 oz. box)
1 tsp. vanilla (optional)

Place package of chocolate chips in the freezer to chill. Spray a 9 x 13 baking pan, set aside.

Meanwhile, melt butter in a pot over medium heat. Once butter is melted, add in 5 cups of marshmallows and stir until almost completely melted. Stir in vanilla if desired. Remove from heat and transfer butter mixture to a large mixing bowl and add cereal, stirring to coat. Once cereal is coated, remove chocolate chips from freezer and add to cereal mixture. Also add in the remaining cup of marshmallows. Gently stir until evenly distributed.

Press cereal mixture into prepared baking pan. Cover and refrigerate until set. Turn out onto cutting board and cut into squares. Keep stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator.Makes approximately 20-24 bars depending on how big you cut them.

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  1. These look delicious! I've never had Golden Grahams cereal…but I may need to go get some soon. 🙂

    • The turkey enchilada is great and i can’t wait to serve them tonight to my husband. the Smores recipe on this page is delicious, i had already received this received from a friend before now and have made them over and over again. It is a big hit every time I have served them. You will have no regrets, and not many dishes and mess to clean up too. !!

  2. This looks perfect…love this dish..Thanks for your recipe dear…

  3. Dang it, where's scratch and sniff when you need it. These look amazing…I've been craving smores lately, I guess it's the summer cravings.

  4. Bookmarking these! 🙂

  5. Making these today for College son to take back to dorm with him.

  6. Oh, dang, you just hit a nutritionist’s soft spot…Golden Grahams were the best!

  7. Just made these, yummy! My husband and son love the golden graham bars you can buy at the store – now I can make them, just as good tasting, at a fraction of the cost 🙂

  8. My MIL loves nearly anything with marshmallow and really likes s’mores, so I am making these for her as a special treat for cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all of us. =)

  9. I just made these and of course, I had to do a little “quality assurance.” They passed, as much as I wanted them to “fail” so I could keep them and eat them at home. I had a small, but still decent sized, amount that would not mesh with the rest of it, so that became my sampling piece. Super easy recipe, Stephanie!

    • Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

      So glad they turned out great!! Of course we always have to try some for quality assurance!:) Happy Thanksgiving Erin!

  10. Made them this morning. Sooo simple and sooo yummy!

  11. I am a decent baker but seem to have trouble when it comes to incorporating any treats of this sort. The marshmallows become stringy while I’m stirring it all together. These did come together nicely but I will need to chill my chips a little longer. Mine got a little too melted and made them look not so yummy as the ones that you photographed. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Even if mine didn’t look as nice, they sure tasted delicious and the entire family loved them!!! On a side note, my four year old daughter has a sweet tooth but she also has a severe peanut allergy. She was delighted with these as I found store brand choc chips that were not processed in a plant with peanuts. It’s nice to make her a treat that she can enjoy!

    • Macaroni and Cheesecake says:

      Glad your family enjoyed them and that you could find choc chips that were peanut free!:)

  12. Oh my goodness were these wonderfully awesome!! I made a batch for our early family Christmas get together this weekend, and I swear they were more than half gone even before the ham came out of the oven. Next time I’ll put the chocolate chips in the freezer a bit earlier as mine still melted quite a bit when mixed in, but either way, delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I used fiber one caramel delight cereal to add a little more healthy touch. Tastes amazing!!! Kids love it

  14. Marta Frostq says:

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I made these for work today as a birthday treat…..very easy to make and looked just like the pic. 🙂

  15. Of all the the things I have pinned on Pinterest this is the one rescipe that I have made the most. I love that I can make it ahead of time. Also, after they are made they still taste good a week after being in the fridge. That is, IF they are any left. My friands and family have dubbed them crack bars, because they are so addictive. Thank you for posting this recipe! It’s a huge hit everywhere I have brought these bars. 🙂

  16. Savannah says:

    my friend made these and took them to school yesterday i had one and now im additcted (:

  17. Charissa says:

    I was wondering about using marshmallow cream instead of marshmallows. I’m a vegetarian and don’t do marshmallows but there is no gelatin in the cream. Do you have any experience with this adaptation?

    • I haven’t ever made these using just marshmallow creme but you could try still melting some of the marshmallow creme with the butter and then holding out some of it to stir in with the chocolate chips to give it that s’mores look. Let me know if it works out!

    • i used marshmallow cream, and it worked fine. i did add one cup of minimarshmallows at the end (as the recipe says to reserve one cup and not melt in), but i’m sure they would be fine without as well.

  18. Love that these are kinda low-cal!
    THanks for linking up 🙂

  19. These look out-flipping-standing! I adore Golden Grahams and can’t wait to make them myself!

  20. These are AMAZING!!!! I just got done making them, but couldn’t help but eat some before they set up 🙂 I used Mini Chocolate Chips, and I am sure everyone is going to LOVE them!!! Thank you so much for the Recipe, which I found on Pinterest!!

  21. I am so inspired!!!!
    I am going to make these this weekend!
    I love Golden Grahams and creating s’more bars out of them…genius!

    I featured you on my blog today…

    Blessings to you!!
    Janiene recently posted..Inspiration for the Weekend {3!}My Profile

  22. just made these…YUM! i’m not a bog fan of chocolate chips, even in cookies. so, i made a chocolate sauce to drizzle over the top instead. i used a cup of chocolate chips, a tbs of whipping cream and a tbs of buter. i had waaayyyy to much left over, but it was worth it! 🙂

  23. I made these tonight and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I got so many compliments and my husband wants them again! I featured you on my blog post and I posted a picture of how mine turned out…

    I think the best part for me was the vanilla and the semi sweet chocolate chips! Genius! All my guests thought the semi sweet chocolate chips were the perfect addition and helped to cut down the sweetness of the other ingredients. I thought the hint of vanilla was amazing!

    These were a hit & I can’t thank you enough for posting the recipe!

    Janiene recently posted..weekend wrap upMy Profile

  24. Thanks so much for this recipe! Made a big batch the other day and they’re all gone already, everyone raved about them! Just put a smaller test batch to set in the fridge. I’m trying it with cinnamon toast crunch instead of the golden grahams because we have a TON of it in the pantry. Was a little short on the mallows though so I’m hoping they stay together!

  25. Treneka says:

    OMG! I just made this. It was great. Thanks for the recipe!

  26. Made this just now, I added a little peanut butter to the butter mixture just cause it sounded awesome. It’s in the fridge now, doesn’t look like ur photo lol but I’m sure it will be so good!!! My choc chips melted while I mixed em so next time I’ll wait a lil bit for it to cool more 🙂

  27. Amanda C says:

    I bought mini chocolate chips. This allowed chocolate chips in every bite. Thanks for the tip about freezing the chocolate chips-it worked like a charm to keep them from melting.

    I made these and brought them to work. The plate was quickly devoured I am getting ready to make another batch.

  28. Such a yummy & easy recipe to follow! These were a huge hit at a summer cookout, and my only recommendation is to make ahead & refrigerate overnight if possible. They were much easier to slice and stack on a platter after chilling for a while. Otherwise, they were a bit sticky but still worth it 🙂

  29. I added 3 chopped up Hershey’s bars instead of the semi-sweet chocolate chips, and it was absolutely amazing!! I didn’t put them in the freezer, so they partially melted and got into every little portion of the dish. Thank you for the recipe!

  30. These look yummy can’t wait to try making them this weekends and share th w readers. Awesome !

  31. I have made 5 batches of these since I found this recipe! The firefighters at my husband’s firehouse are obsessed. The last time I made them, however, they were stale and very hard to chew. I am trying to figure out what went wrong so I don’t ruin/waste another batch. It was a brand new box of cereal, and the only thing I can think went wrong was that I think I may have covered them when they were still warm. When I served them the following day to a bunch of hungry firefighters I was a little embarrassed. Any thoughts of what I did wrong?

    • So glad you and the firefighters love these! I’m so sorry your last batch didn’t turn out! I recently made a batch of krispie treats that didn’t turn out too. I used stale marshmallows, could that have been the culprit? And also make sure you stir the cereal in quickly so it doesn’t set up too fast. You could maybe add a little more butter at the beginning next time. Hope the next batch turns out perfectly for you!

  32. Stefanie Spinks says:

    Hello. These were one of those PR recipes from the early 80’s. You know the ‘let me show you how many ways you can use our product so you will by more things. That having been said, while my younger sis was all about the rice krispy treats, these were definitely my fav. It was the first recipe mom let me complete on my own, and reminds me of days spent in the kitchen on a chair watching as “Mommy’s little helper”, and summer afternoons spent with the 3 of us on a blanket in the backyard sampling our respective treats while mom read the classics to us. I had forgotten all about these treats through the years, but will be sure to make them again. Then enjoy them on my porch with a good book and a glass of milk. Thanks for bringing back some really great memories for me.

  33. Just a quick note, I am absolutely lovin your recipes thanks, they are great for inspiration as I never seem to have loads of time to cook xxo Loving your posts as well xxo 🙂 Lisa-Marie Auckland, New Zealand

  34. Jeanne Feazell says:

    I don’t think I’m using the right size of pan cause I don’t know how you get 20-24 bars. I cut my pieces big though.

    • I got 20 to 24 by cutting them smaller. I cut them into 5 or 6 rows and then into 4 or 5 squares per row. Try cutting them smaller or you could make a double batch and keep them bigger. Hope that helps!

  35. These look so delicious!
    Jessica recently posted..Slow Cooker FudgeMy Profile

  36. I just made these and they are fabulous!!! Thank you!

  37. Amy Lloyd says:

    I am gonna try these but could I use the milk chocolate chips instead of semisweet?

    • Absolutely! Hope you enjoy them!

    • Cassidy Coleman says:

      I tried these with milk chocolate chips, they were still delicious, but a little too sweet – I think sticking with semi-sweet will probably keep the flavor more balanced. Regardless, fantastic recipe, thanks for sharing!

  38. Loved this recipe- As I tend to put my own touch on things, I added 2 tbsp of peanut butter and used 1 cup milk chocolate chips 1/2 cup semisweet and 1/2 cup butterscotch chips. So if you are going to try to venture away from the traditional smores recipe, this is one direction you could go!

  39. Melinda says:

    I just made these for a bbq tomorrow they look so yummy not sure if I can wait to dig in.

  40. Emily DIane says:

    I AM excited to make these for a movie night on Thursday. About how long do they take to set?

    • They don’t take too long to set (maybe an hour or so?), but I would probably make them the night before. I took them on vacation with us and stored them in an airtight container in the cooler and then the fridge and they lasted several days. Hope you enjoy them!

  41. I couldn’t find golden grahams so i used peanut butter cheeRios. I also added some peanut butter chips. Looking forward to tasting them! Thanks!

  42. These taste very good, but were extremely, Extremely sticky and messy to mix up…perhaps more butter than what was recommended would yield easier results?

    • Glad you enjoyed them Meg! They are a bit sticky & messy to mix up, you could try adding more butter but it may make them too soft in the end. Let me know how they turn out if you try them with more butter.

  43. tried these this weekend with a house full of family, and they’re almost gone!! Like Meg said, I had a bit of trouble mixing in the marshmallows and chocolate chips, but I think it was because I let the butter/marshmallow/honey graham mixture sit too long before I was ready to fold the rest in. Next time (and there will be a next time), I’ll make sure to have the chips and leftover marshmallows ready to go quickly so hopefully I get everything blended together before it hardens too much.

    Also, I nuked my piece for about 10 seconds before I ate it – which made it even more sinful than it already was. All melty and gooey, like it was straight off the campfire!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I’m hooked! 🙂